Shambhala Lineage Talk & Discussion

with Celeste Budwit-Hunter

November 17th

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Shambhala Lineage talk and discussion 2:15pm-3:45pm

As students of Shambhala, we are inheritors of ancient wisdom traditions. Our unique spiritual inheritance braids together the Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana lineages of Kagyu and Nyingma with the imperial transmission of Shambhala wisdom.

The Shambhala Buddhist teachings help us explore our reality and discover our inherent dignity and wisdom. In studying our lineages, we can develop a greater appreciation for who we are in Shambhala, and we can relax further into the meaning of the teachings.

Join us before this talk for:

Tea Break 2-2:15pm

White Tara practice and discussion 1-2pm

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Cost: $10 non-members / free for members

Location: 808 W. Main St., Houston 77006